My Dad is Mick Jagger



My Dad is Mick Jagger

He always do the things like Mick Jagger though
He always repairs all the things was broken if any (ex : heart #eh)
He can be a motorcycle mechanic, car mechanic, builder, digwell, electronic mechanic and whatever that i can’t ever to describe anyway.

Now, his hair changed to be white following the age automatically. If i touch his hand, sooo wringled and flabby skin indeed.

If he got angry with his children, no one could to answers throughly… hahaha.
Surely, he want to protect us because he always know already to do.

I love my dad so much, don’t ever stop to loving him eventhough i already have a husband

My dad already worked as from he grown up an adult
He is the first child in his family, so that he have to elbow grease to do

In the same time, He was fighting for his children in order that they will be still healthy, eating, sleeping, schooling with pleasurable

I remember, he used to accompanying me and my lil’ sister in everytime, when we were go to school from we are in the Kindergarten until we had already work today

He always stay to take accompanies and pick us up to goes everywhere

When his child going to somewhere and just arrive at home so late then, he was always sitting on terrace very worried.

Hmm, I do wish for you dad
Really. Never ever forget to pray for you


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